Getting Social With The New

For years, the AJ Barker Pharmacy was the place to go in Taunton, Mass. for everyday drugstore needs and advice. It’s where my great-grandfather worked as a pharmacist, where he created the original formula for Alkalol Nasal Wash in 1896, and where he delighted in dispensing over-the-counter advice to customers on a variety of healthcare questions and concerns. Ask James Whitters anything – How can I soothe this sore throat? What should I use to help my back pain? How are the Red Sox going to do this year? – and he’d gladly provide an answer!

Today we’re relaunching with some exciting social media features we hope will capture the personal interactions and unique small-town pharmacy feel that made the AJ Barker Pharmacy, and full-service drug stores like it all over America, so special. 

We’ve embedded our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feeds into our homepage, so you can quickly see, share, and comment on the latest news from The Alkalol Company. We’ve moved our blog onto the site, making it easier to find our regular posts on a variety of sinus health topics and news we want to share from doctors and leading healthcare experts.

Along with the new social media features, we’ve tried to make the new site as interactive as possible. What does that mean? Just like on Facebook, you can now “like” posts, blogs, and even the answers provided on our Frequently Asked Questions page, essentially recommending them to other users and letting us know what posts you enjoy and what information you value most. Soon we will turn on the comments feature throughout the site, allowing you to share your thoughts, tell us what you think of other people’s thoughts, and directly join the discussion on the topics that matter to you.  

You know better than anyone else what you want from Alkalol. So tell us. We value your ideas and we’re hear to listen.

We are excited about the new We hope you’ll come to think of it as a sort of virtual pharmacy where you can tell us directly what you like (and don’t like) about Alkalol, share advice with others, and stay up to date with the latest sinus health news and happenings here at The Alkalol Company. We want to become a place to visit when you need some friendly advice or feel like dispensing some of your own.

There’s no doubt my great-grandfather would have loved it!


Thanks for using Alkalol, 

James P. Whitters, IV 

Vice President, The Alkalol Company