Have questions about Alkalol or nasal irrigation? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below to see if they help. If not, go ahead and post or email us a question and we will be happy to answer. Thanks for visiting.

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Why should I use Alkalol? 12/14/11

Because Alkalol provides relief from:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Allergies
  • Sinusitis
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Dry, irritated and swollen nasal passages
  • Sore and dry throats
  • Mouth sores and irritation
  • Laryngitis, tonsillitis
  • Exposure to environmental pollutants
  • The aftereffects of nasal surgery

Wellness expert JJ Virgin on the benefits of Alkalol and nasal irrigation


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Where are the instructions to use Alkalol? 12/14/11

You can download the instructions sheet by clicking here.

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What should I mix with Alkalol? 12/14/11

We recommend using a premixed sterile saline solution, or sterilized water, such as boiled or distilled water. If you boil your own water, boil it for 3-5 minutes and then let it cool to a lukewarm temperature before use. Previously boiled water can be stored in a clean, closed container for use within 24 hours. 

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What makes Alkalol different from other over-the-counter saline nasal washes? 12/14/11

Alkalol’s unique blend of natural extracts and essential oils provides all of the cleansing benefits of a regular saline wash with the added ability to dissolve mucus, clean and moisturize the nasal passages, while providing invigorating relief from nasal congestion caused by sinusitis and allergies.

See our How To Use Alkalol page to learn more on how to prepare the mixture and how to use it.

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What is the shelf life of Alkalol 12/14/11

Alkalol has a shelf life of three years. If your bottle does not have an expiration date printed on the label, look at the LOT number. The first number in the LOT number sequence refers to the year your bottle of Alkalol was produced. The second two numbers refer to the month it was produced. For example, LOT number 81101 was produced in November 2008.

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What are the benefits of nasal irrigation? 12/14/11

The benefits include:

  • Clears nasal cavities of mucus
  • Helps improve the function of cilia, the tiny hairs lining the nasal cavity that protects it
  • Helps decrease mucosal swelling
  • Decreases levels of chemicals that cause nasal cavity inflammation
  • Prevents mucus from gathering where it may become a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Decreases risk of developing chronic sinus infections
  • Aids in preventing the number of colds and flu
  • Helps relieve nasal dryness and post-nasal drip
  • Breathing is easier because nasal passages are cleared of mucus and other irritants, and congestion is relieved.
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What are the advantages of using warm Alkalol for nasal cleansing? 12/14/11

Using Alkalol heated slightly (lukewarm temperature) helps warm the air within the nasal and sinus passages encouraging mucociliary flow and natural drainage of mucus.

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Is it OK if I accidentally swallow a small amount of Alkalol during use? 12/14/11

Swallowing small amounts of Alkalol should do no harm. Swallowing large amounts, which should not happen when Alkalol is used as directed, could potentially lead to a minor upset stomach due to the high concentration of salt in the formula.

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How often can I use Alkalol? 12/14/11

Alkalol is formulated to be used as often as needed as a nasal wash, oral rinse or throat gargle. Some people use Alkalol every day. Others use it only occasionally as needed. Alkalol can be used daily without drying out or otherwise harming delicate nasal, sinus and oral tissue. Please consult a physician if you have additional questions about using nasal irrigation.

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How do I use, clean, and care for my Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup? 12/14/11
  • Wash and dry hands before using the Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup.
  • Check that the cup is clean and completely dry.
  • Follow the directions for use included on the packaging and insert inside the packaging.
  • Wash your Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup with distilled, sterile, or boiled and cooled tap water. Dry the cup with a paper towel or let it air dry between uses. 
  • Replacing your Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup regularly (every couple of months – about as often as you would replace a toothbrush) is also recommended to assure optimal sinus health.
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Does Alkalol require a prescription? 12/14/11

No. Alkalol is a drug-free, over-the-counter product.

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Can I use Alkalol with a neti pot or a similar device? 12/14/11

Yes. Alkalol can be used with most nasal irrigation devices, including neti pots, squeeze and spray bottles, bulb syringes and powered irrigators like the Grossan Hydro Pulse.

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Can Alkalol be used to treat mouth sores? 12/14/11

Yes. Common mouth sores, including canker sores, stomatitis (redness and swelling in the mouth and throat caused by chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment), mucositis and oral thrush can be treated with Alkalol. Using Alkalol regularly as an oral rinse can help reduce the growth of bacteria, soothe inflamed tissue and sores and help dislodge dried secretions that can stick to the inside of the mouth. Please consult a physician if you have questions about adding Alkalol as part of your therapy regimen.

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Can Alkalol be used to treat any minor non-nasal and non-oral disorders? 12/14/11

Yes. Alkalol’s soothing and naturally antiseptic formula has been recommended by physicians to treat minor burns, sunburn and insect bites. Please consult a physician for specific instructions in using Alkalol to treat these types of injuries.

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Can Alkalol be used in conjunction with steroid nasal sprays and medicated sprays, including antihistamines and decongestants? 12/14/11

Yes. Many physicians recommend washing sinus passages with Alkalol prior to using a medicated nasal spray to clean and open them up, allowing the medicated spray to reach more of the nasal lining and be more effective. Please consult a physician if you have questions about adding Alkalol to your medicated nasal spray regimen.