What are The Experts Saying?

Call it spring cleaning for your nose. Doctors and patients agree that the benefits of Alkalol and nasal irrigation are impressive. Whether you use it everyday as a preventative measure or for immediate symptom relief, Alkalol is a drug-free way to help you breathe easier.

Pharmacists approvedWhat doctors say

Daily nasal irrigation resulted in improvement in the symptoms of chronic sinusitis in over 70% of subjects. Medication usage was decreased in approximately one third of participants.- Heatley DG, McConnell KE, Kille TL, Leverson GE. Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery. 2001;125:44-48.

“Nasal irrigation is effective in improving symptoms and the health status of patients with sinonasal disease.” – Tomooka LT, Claire Murphy C, Terence M. Davidson TM. Laryngoscope. 2000;110:1189-1193

Nasal cleanliness is central to good health and is effective for anyone that wishes to prevent nasal woes or wishes to reduce their use of medications. – Solomon MD, Hana. Nasal Washing Works During The Allergy Season. 2005 May

Sinuses diagramWhat is nasal irrigation recommended for?

Evidence is growing that daily nasal irrigation is an easy and effective way to maintain sinus health. Nasal irrigation can be used to treat the following:

  • Sinusitis
  • Prevention & relief from the common cold & flu
  • Dry, irritated and swollen nasal passages
  • Allergy prevention and relief
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Pregnancy-onset rhinitis
  • Post-operative therapy from sinus surgery

NOTE: Sinus irrigation should be avoided if you are fighting an ear infection. Neither should you rinse your nasal passages if either nostril is completely plugged or hard to breathe through. If this is the case, you could create pressure and retention of the solution inside the nasal or sinus cavities, causing adverse symptoms in the ears. Consult your physician if you have questions or concerns about whether or not you should irrigate. 

What people are saying about Alkalol

I love the product (Alkalol). It has been the single most effective way of managing my chronic sinusitis.

…it (Alkalol) leaves a fresh feeling in the sinus and mouth when you are suffering from both. And since I Neti it also makes the solution more soothing and I also think it helps to break up the mucus along with the saline

Very heavy mucus drainage, chokes my husband when he lies down, your product has been like a miracle to him. He is 92 years young. I have him use it in our pressure nasal irrigator two times a day. We will be forever grateful to you James for taking my order over the telephone and for visiting with me.

both nasal/sinus and throat relief. I need a crisp voice for my voice acting carreer and Alkalol is a wonderous product. Helps keep me from nasal infections that lead to laryngitis.

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