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How To Use Alkalol In A Neti Pot

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Ever wonder how to use Alkalol Nasal Wash in your neti pot? Just in time for spring allergy season, Marci J shows you how in this “Drugstore Diaries” segment. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below or by finding us on Twitter (@Alkalol) or Facebook ( Alkalol Nasal [...]

Radio Host Bill Leff Shares His Alkalol Experience

WGN-AM radio host Bill Leff

Bill Leff, a popular radio host on WGN-AM in Chicago, relies on his voice for a living. One of the top threats to his vocal chords during the winter months is nasal and sinus congestion from cold and flu. A stuffy nose and sinus pressure can really impact the tone and pitch of his voice. [...]

Alkalol: A Nutritionist’s Choice For Cold And Flu

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Jonny Bowden, known as the “Rogue Nutritionist,” was on KCAL-TV in Los Angeles recently, discussing natural ways to help prevent colds and flu. Along with a healthy diet, Bowden recommends Alkalol Nasal Wash because it is the only sinus rinse that contains a blend of natural extracts and essential oils specifically designed to thin mucus, [...]