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Alkalol Nasal Wash now available at Albertsons!


We are thrilled to announce that Alkalol Nasal Wash is now available at Albertsons Markets. Look for Alkalol Nasal Wash on the shelf in the cough and cold aisle at your favorite Albertsons location today! Alkalol Nasal Wash is the only saline rinse formulated with natural extracts and essential oils for an invigorating clean. Alkalol [...]

Radio Host Bill Leff Shares His Alkalol Experience

WGN-AM radio host Bill Leff

Bill Leff, a popular radio host on WGN-AM in Chicago, relies on his voice for a living. One of the top threats to his vocal chords during the winter months is nasal and sinus congestion from cold and flu. A stuffy nose and sinus pressure can really impact the tone and pitch of his voice. [...]