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Nasal irrigation is a safe and effective way to relieve symptoms of nasal and sinus congestion, including stuffiness, dry nose and thick mucus, which can lead to sinus infections, post-nasal drip and other complications. Regular nasal cleansing helps flush out thickened mucus and inhaled irritants, such as dust and pollen. It also helps promote mucociliary flow, the body’s natural nasal cleansing system.

Herbal extracts and essential oils have played an important role in healing throughout history. Alkalol’s blend of natural ingredients helps dissolve mucus from your nasal passages. During nasal irrigation, Alkalol flows through your sinuses clearing irritants. It also helps improve overall nasal hygiene by preventing mucus from gathering in your sinuses where it can become the breeding ground for bacteria. Alkalol helps you breathe easier.

The origins of nasal irrigation are from a Yoga tradition and have been used for thousands of years. Whether you suffer from allergies, asthma, or sinus problems, nasal irrigation helps relieve your symptoms so you can breathe easier.

What makes Alkalol different?  What makes Alkalol different?

A natural, refreshingly strong nasal saline wash with a blend of essential oils and herbal extracts—Alkalol helps dissolve mucus and clear blocked nasal passages, providing relief from nasal congestion caused by sinusitis, allergies and colds. It also doesn’t dry out your sinuses. Alkalol actually moistens dry sinuses and can be used with other nasal wash pots and irrigation devices. Alkalol is formulated to be used as often as needed. Some people use it when they feel a cold coming on. Others use Alkalol daily as a preventative measure and to maintain sinus hygiene.

 Fact: An essential oil is the “essence” of the plant it comes from and herbal extracts are just like it, as they come directly from herbs.

What are the benefits of Alkalol and nasal irrigation?

  • Clears nasal cavities of mucus
  • Helps improve the function of cilia, the tiny hairs lining the nasal cavity that protects it
  • Helps decrease mucosal swelling
  • Decreases levels of chemicals that cause nasal cavity inflammation
  • Prevents mucus from gathering where it may become a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Decreases risk of developing chronic sinus infections
  • Aids in preventing the number of colds and flu
  • Helps relieve nasal dryness and post-nasal drip

Breathing is easier because nasal passages are cleared of mucus and other irritants, helping relieve congestion.

Nasal irrigation is thought to help treat ailments including allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, occupational exposure to irritants, the common cold, sinus and nasal injury, and rhino sinusitis. These studies are ongoing.