Over 100 Years of Success Created by a Pharmacist

In 1896, pharmacist James P. Whitters set out to formulate a soothing nasal wash designed to deliver benefits beyond what standard saline solutions could provide without including the high levels of alcohol found in other products of the time.

The result was ALKALOL, a refreshingly strong saline wash that contains a select blend of natural extracts and aromatic oils to help dissolve mucus, clean and moisturize the nasal passages, and provide invigorating relief from the symptoms of allergies and colds.

The Alkalol Company was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1907. Alkalol soon became available throughout the United States and abroad, quickly gaining popularity with people searching for a more natural way to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies, sinusitis, colds, and chronic congestion.

Four generations of the Whitters family have now been involved with the formulation and distribution of ALKALOL, and the product you hold in your hand is essentially the same as the one developed in a small New England pharmacy over a century ago.

We hope you enjoy my grandfather’s unique product.

James Witters